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Blue Wave Swims Its Way to Success at State

Mari Minear, Co-Editor-in-Chief December 3, 2023

Three MPA students qualified for the state Girls’ Swim Meet at the MSHSL Section 4A Meet on November 10, 2023. Senior Izzy Espinosa qualified in the 200 Yard Freestyle, 500 Yard Freestyle, 400 Yard Freestyle...

Interviewing the English Department

Abdur-Rahman Lodhi, Writer May 20, 2023

In late 2022, an online Artificial Intelligence chatbot called ChatGPT quickly took the world by storm. All anyone had to do was enter a prompt and ChatGPT would do its best to generate a response. However,...

DEI Initiative Progress at MPA

Zaara Nayak, Editor-in-Chief February 23, 2023

Recently, the firing of a professor at Hamline University has raised questions surrounding academic freedom at teaching institutions, and subsequently, DEI initiatives have come under fire. This past...

Mounds Park Academy’s Gender-Neutral Bathroom Initiative

Max O’Connor, Writer February 18, 2023

Last year, the middle school GSA, headed by Arlo Dickson (’26) and Cosmo Vanzyl (’26), began to campaign for change with the goal of implementing gender-neutral bathrooms at MPA.   “It’s important...

A Historic and Controversial World Cup

Navreen Biring, Writer January 26, 2023

Soccer is the world’s sport. This statement is made evident by the billions of fans that watch the World Cup tournaments every four years. The 2022 World Cup was unique for many reasons. Underdogs such...

More Awesome Video Games to Play With Your Friends

Billy Schafer, Writer January 26, 2023

 Now that we are enduring the blistering cold of January, there are plenty of winter activities, but there are still cold days one simply can’t go outside on. So here are two more awesome video games...

Intricacies of the Sistine Chapel

Amal Sastry January 26, 2023

During my winter break, I had the opportunity to visit Rome and explore many of its historic monuments and landmarks. One of the highlights of my trip was visiting the Sistine Chapel, which is known for...

The Paradox of Misogynistic Women

Sammie Garrity, Writer January 26, 2023

One of the most paradoxical phenomena that plague our society is internalized misogyny. According to Utah State University, internalized misogyny is made up of two main elements: “Self-objectification...

How the Cold Can Affect Your Dog or Cat 

Andrea Pugh , Staff Writer December 20, 2022

Did you know dogs can also get the cold? Not from the cold, but the cold does weaken their immune system.  Yes, folks, it's that time of the year when the roads are slick, and people are getting sick,...

Interviewing Mr. Dean and Dr. Quam

Annika Binstadt, Staff Writer November 8, 2022

In an effort to introduce new faculty to students and welcome them to MPA, I have been sitting down with new teachers and staff and asking them some questions about themselves, MPA, and their interests....

From Bodyguard to Correctional Officer: A Part of My Grandfather’s Fight Against Racism and Injustice

Amina Brewer, Staff Writer November 8, 2022

Growing up I had heard many stories about my grandfather’s lifelong activism in the Black community, being Mohammed Ali’s bodyguard, and working in Lino Lakes State Prison. His story is one to be shared...

Mary Magdalene – FKA Twigs’ Exposition of the Biblical Patriarchy

Meiran Carlson, Staff Writer November 8, 2022

When the leaves start to turn every year, I feel myself getting nostalgic for the kind of music I typically listen to as the weather gets colder. Sometimes that means I'm listening to The Cure. Sometimes...

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