How the Cold Can Affect Your Dog or Cat 

Andrea Pugh , Staff Writer

Did you know dogs can also get the cold? Not from the cold, but the cold does weaken their immune system. 

Yes, folks, it’s that time of the year when the roads are slick, and people are getting sick, but we often forget how our little friends are affected during this freezing time. We, as owners, are responsible for keeping them safe, and that’s why we must know the danger the cold poses to pets. 

Dogs and cats can get frostbite on their paws and ears, and it only has to be below-freezing for our fuzzy friends to get it. How you can prevent this is to try and keep them inside as much as possible. When you must take them outside, use boots, coats, and sweaters to keep them safe. Just because they have the fuzz does not mean they do not need extra protection. Watch for discoloration, pain, or tenderness on your pet’s skin. 

Dogs and cats can also get hypothermia. Symptoms may include tiredness, shivering, paleness of the skin, muscle stiffness, low blood pressure, and shallow breathing. Hypothermia is very dangerous and can be fatal to your pet. So, if your pet wants to go inside don’t stop them. If you don’t, it could have dire consequences. 

 You can still take your dog or cat outside but be careful. Next time you go on that extra-long walk or play an extra-long game of keep away outside, take the proper precautions because you don’t want to lose your fuzzy friend. A dog can get hypothermia in less than 30 minutes.