More Awesome Video Games to Play With Your Friends

Billy Schafer, Writer

 Now that we are enduring the blistering cold of January, there are plenty of winter activities, but there are still cold days one simply can’t go outside on. So here are two more awesome video games to play with your friends online! 



Mario Party Superstars is a perfect party game for any situation! Mario Party Superstars is a fun mix of unique board game-like gameplay and lots of minigames. The game has a whopping 100 minigames from past titles, as well as five classic boards to play on! The point of the game is to get as many coins and stars as possible. This can be done by getting star points on the map and winning minigames. You move around by rolling a die, meaning luck is a considerable variable. Each board has different gimmicks that make them all unique and challenging, such as coin banks, eyeballs that chase you across the board and the dreaded Bowser spot. In addition to the famous party mode, you can also play only minigames in modes like coin battle, free play, and 2v2 and 1v3 challenges. 



You can play with up to four players in all modes. You can do this on the same console, you can do it online with your friends, or you can play with random people online. There are many ways to play and compete with your friends in this game, an example being the minigames.  There are many different types of minigames, including free for all, 2v2, or special minigames being 1v3. You can also freely customize the party, meaning you can change the number of turns, the types of minigames, and more! It is your party, after all! Mario Party Superstars is a super fun game to play with your friends, requiring a good deal of skill, prediction, and a whole lot of luck. Mario Party Superstars will be a hit with your friends and family, just be sure not to get too competitive! 


Don’t Starve Together (Switch, PS4/5, Xbox1/Series X)



Don’t Starve Together is a suspenseful survival game that you can now play with your friends! You can choose from a broad cast of unique characters with advantages and disadvantages, and you must survive the harsh conditions of the constant. You must find food, stay near a fire (or any light) during the night while watching out for dangerous monsters. The game features a plethora of different creatures to hunt, observe, and befriend and lots of different areas to explore such as the open sea, caves, the mysterious lunar island, and the nightmarefilled ruins. As time goes on, the seasons change, offering new and challenging gimmicks such as rainy springs, cold winters, and blazing summers. Also, be sure to keep yourself sane. You do not want to find yourself pitted against some nasty shadow monsters! But most importantly, don’t starve!


You can play split screen in Don’t Starve Together, but you can also host private and public servers. You can have up to six people on a server, whether that be online or private. While more people create an advantage, you must all work together to survive. This means that you all must plan for the harsh seasons, gather resources, battle monsters, and build a base. If a player dies, they will be transformed into a spooky ghost, and the only way to bring them back is to craft a special item called the telltale heart. There are tons of goals to achieve in the constant, whether it be to simply survive and thrive, or to fight some of the biggest most dangerous monsters out there. Whatever you plan to do, Don’t Starve Together is a great and challenging game to play with your friends!