Review of Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Deluxe

Billy Schafer, Writer

Nintendo recently released a “Deluxe” version of Kirby’s Return to Dreamland for the Nintendo Switch. Today I will be reviewing the main changes and new modes of the game, and how it is different than the Wii version.  

Seen as one of the biggest changes to the game, the new mode, Merry Magoland allows players to play 11 minigames, nine of which are from past Kirby games. The minigames can be played solo against the AI, or you can play with your friends for some multiplayer fun! As you play through the main mode, Merry Magoland also features a ton of challenges that can be completed by playing the different minigame in certain ways. As you play, you earn stamps, which give different masks that can be worn across both the main mode and Merry Magoland. These masks resemble various Kirby characters from across the universe, some even make special sounds. You can also collect souvenir items such as healing items and offensive bombs and cannons, which can be used in the main mode. Overall, Merry Magoland is a fun addition to the game that allows for lots of minigame fun, and the masks also add a touch of uniqueness and make playing the challenges worth it. 

Another one of the main new aspects to Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Deluxe is the Magalor Epilogue game mode that is unlocked after one finishes the main mode. In this unique epilogue, you play as the side-character Magalor as he explores another dimension to regain his powers. Magalor plays much differently than Kirby, during the levels, you gain “magic points” which allows you to upgrade various powers and abilities that magalor has, allowing him to get stronger as the level goes on. The mode also features a “combo” mechanic, the more enemies you defeat and hits you land in quick succession builds up a combo, which rewards lots of magic points depending on how high you can get it. Overall, this game mode is lots of fun, and you can play it with four players just like the main mode. The levels are fast-paced and exciting, and the bosses are fun to fight. 

There are also a handful of other changes within the story mode. One of the biggest changes is that there are 3 new abilities in the game. The Sand ability allows Kirby to use sand-based attacks, and to be invincible while guarding. The Mecha ability allows Kirby to use a wide array of various robotic attacks such as lasers and fireballs. Lastly, there is festival ability from Kirby Star Allies that defeats all enemies on the screen and grants extra coins and healing items. There is a new setting called “Helper Magalor this setting is an assist mode that saves you from falls and doubles your health, it also gives abilities during boss battles, this setting is perfect for less experienced players who just got into Kirby.  Additionally, the minigames of Merry Mgoland can also be played in Story Mode for star coins and extra lives. Unfortunately, the minigame Scope Shot has been removed, however, all the minigame’s music tracks can be found in secret rooms. Lastly, the game’s soundtrack has been revamped, there are a handful of music changes in some areas, some collectibles are easier and there are more secret HAL rooms. Overall, these changes add to the game greatly, the new abilities are unique and fun to use, and the Helper Magalor can help new players ease into the game.