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Republicans are Justified to Have Their Own Opinions. But They’re Still a Disaster.

Republicans are Justified to Have Their Own Opinions. But They’re Still a Disaster.
Geneva Minear

There is a first time for everything. Kevin McCarthy definitely knows it.

First person to not be elected Speaker of the House within one ballot in over a century. And more importantly, first Speaker to be removed from their position. How could this possibly happen in the span of a year? The simple answer: his party.

I, at least, got flashbacks these past few weeks to January’s big scandal in Congress: McCarthy failed to unify his party behind him. Twenty defectors stood behind anyone but McCarthy for fourteen ballots over four days, and most didn’t even vote for him in the fifteenth one. Sign number one of disarray.

Over the next few months, things seemed just fine. We avoided a government shutdown, Republicans censured Democratic Representative Adam Schiff, and they blocked a few spending bills. These undemocratic activities are sign number two of disarray. For once, the Republican Caucus seemed possibly stable, and McCarthy was trying his best to cater to his party’s members. Then, as always, Matt Gaetz caused havoc.

Gaetz was angry that McCarthy “betrayed” their deal from January to limit spending. However, when a government shutdown loomed near, McCarthy had to make deals with Democrats in order to have a functioning government. Therefore, Gaetz is wrong for liking publicity. (Gaetz, who constantly is causing problems in Congress, likely has bigger ambitions for the future. However, he supposedly doesn’t want to be governor of Florida.)

That lead us to where we were two weeks ago: without a speaker, and no working government. Without the speaker, bills cannot be passed, so what can be done? Absolutely nothing.

Arguably, Democrats are to blame for removing McCarthy by enabling Gaetz and seven other Republicans in removing him. But when Republicans cannot unite behind one speaker for four weeks, they prove to be a divisive, unrepairable party. Especially if they’ve changed nominees over those four weeks, and still have dissidents. What a disappointment, some might even say a failure, so call this sign number three.

Don’t get me wrong: I think that Republicans are justified to have their own opinions on who should succeed McCarthy. (Especially if it’s against Jim Jordan, of all people!) Those who stand against Jordan are admirable representatives who represent what democracy is about: the people come first. While they are justified to believe that Jordan should not be speaker, the only thing Republicans are succeeding in doing right now is proving they are an absolute disaster.

Even if we have a speaker now, we have to face the truth: America will be a divided society until Republicans can get their act together. When will that be? I have no idea, quite honestly. They’ve been an absolute wreck, in my eyes, for a while.

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