The Harsh Fact About the Overturning of Roe V. Wade 


Jenny Nguyen, Staff Writer

   We all lately heard a lot about the Supreme Court overturning of Roe v. Wade in late June, and how society is split into 2 major groups, pro-choice and pro-life. Roe v. Wade is known for allowing the women right to abort their fetuses legally and safely. But the overturning of Roe v. Wade is way more than abortion. The overturning caused an outroar in the United States society, questioning whether overturning this law was trying to save lives or to take rights away from women overall. 

   As we know 5 Supreme Court Justice voted to overturn Roe. v Wade, allowing the overturning to happen, the 5 justices are Samuel A. Alito, Amy Coney, Barrett M. Kavanaugh, Neil M. Gorsuch, and Clarence Thomas. These 5 people took away approximately 167.5 million women’s rights to have a safe abortion. Considering that 4/5 of these justices were men makes it even more upsetting.  

   I also want to stress that 4 out of the 5 justices identify as Christian/Catholic, meaning these decisions stemmed from Christianity beliefs. I am not saying Christianity and Christians are evil, but I do think it is unfair how the majority of the Justices are forcing Christianity into American politics, making America more Christian-based. Even the Bill of Rights, says Congress shouldn’t make laws respecting behalf of a specific religion, meaning politics and religion should not mix. The Christian church disagrees with abortion, but as we know, America has 100s of different religions and non-believers. This overturning only benefits certain religious groups. This defeats the point of democracy when the majority that is supposed to represent America is Christian and white people.  


Andrea Pugh

  This main point about the overturning Roe. v Wade what infuriates me is no one can truly benefit from this overturning. It forces the mother to have a child, which they may not be able to support mentally, physically, and, or finically. Even then, America does not have an accessible system for aiding and providing protection to children. Most commonly, people suggest the mother put the child in foster care or adoption, but both the foster care and adoption system are failing with child neglect, abuse, teen pregnancy, and many more problems inside the system. Since the abortion ban was meant to save children’s lives, we should think about children’s quality of life. But to be able to solve these problems, most likely, there could be a tax increase to support these systems and funds. Even then, pro-lifers and some politicians blame the women for getting pregnant and said they should have control of themselves.  

   The overturning is causing laws protected under Roe. V Wade is being questioned and threatened to be reversed. Since Roe. V Wade protected medical privacy; the overturning is causing women to be able to be prosecuted if they have a miscarriage. We also expect bans or restrictions on the pill, Plan B, IUDs, and other long-acting, reversible contraceptives since they disagree with most of the justice’s beliefs. Even then, justices Alito and Justine Clarence stated they don’t support Obergefell v. Hodges, which is a law for the right to have same-sex marriage, and have plans to reverse the law. We can see not only women are affected but also members of the LGBTQ community could be affected too. 

   The overturning of Roe. V Wade leads to inequality based on religions, beliefs, sex, gender, and human right. It also decreases the safety of women, with limited choices of contraception and limited support of government funds to help women through pregnancy or the funds to take care of the child. We, females, lost a big right to our bodies. We have to fight back against those 5 justices to get our rights back to our own bodies again.