Day in the Life of a Student-Athlete on Homecoming Day

Kate Paulson, Writer

Day in the Life of a Student-Athlete on Homecoming Day

6:30 AM

Senior Zoe Mulvihill wakes up, showers, and helps her mom pack up the car for a pancake breakfast they are hosting for the volleyball team.

7:45 AM

She arrives at MPA to set everything up. The rest of the girls soon arrive and enjoy their breakfast together before the games start.

9 AM

The C-team begins their game, cheered on by the JV and Varsity volleyball teammates.

10:30 AM

The JV team begins their game, and Varsity starts warming up. Zoe and her warm-up partner, Marin, get all jazzed up.

12 PM

Game time! Although the Varsity team ends up losing, they fought hard. “One thing that was super fun about the game was we had a student section, so there was so much spirit!” Zoe remarks.

2 PM

After the game, the team walks down to the lower field to watch the soccer game. The tennis team is down there as well, so Zoe asks about their matches.

4 PM

Zoe and the team drive to Violette’s house, shower, and watch a movie together.

6 PM

Violette’s mom brings them all to Olive Garden to eat as a team. “I had a nice big salad, which was delicious,” Zoe remembers.

7 PM

Zoe and the girls get ready for the dance. Their costume theme is gold diggers, so they wear gold skirts and black tops. They take pictures together and head out!

7:45 PM

On the way to the dance, Zoe has a car concert with her teammates, and they jam out to some Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj.

8 PM

The dance begins and Zoe gets the chance to mingle with her other classmates and sing her favorite songs.

11:30 PM

The volleyball team heads back to Violette’s house for a team sleepover. “I had the best day and am so happy I got to spend it with my teammates and friends!” says Zoe.